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Mary Gordon

Certified Integral Relationship

Professional and Group Facilitator


Online workshops have been held on the Bridges.Academy learning platform and will be scheduled again in 2024.

We are collecting names of those interested in joining the program online.  If you would like to be notified, send a note through the Contact page on this site.

Integral Relationship is not only valuable for individuals and couples, but is vital for those who provide counseling or who assist others in

reaching their potential.

Add Integral Relationship to your professional toolbox.


Relationships with lovers, family, and friends are the deepest of drivers in our lives.  

Unfortunately, our relationships are often confusing, even painful,

or have us wanting for something deeper and more meaningful.

Wouldn't it be great to understand why the confusion or pain happens,

what makes people act the way they do,

and then set ourselves up for relationship success?

Integral Relationship is dynamic information for people from all walks of life

and whether you are in an intimate relationship or not.

It is the creation of Martin Ucik, the author of three books on the subject:

Integral Relationships - A Manual for Men

Sex Purpose Love

Integral Relationship Practice

and is the result of his deep search to find out why relationships fail and what makes them work.

Years ago I embraced the message of Integral Relationship.

Since then, I have been personally trained by Martin to become an

Integral Relationship Professional and Group Facilitator.

I utilize this knowledge with clients and now I am excited to help groups of people have

many ah-ha moments, understand past relationship irritations and failures, and gain a road map

to deeper satisfaction and greater levels of connection.

Isn't it time to connect with relationships that feed your soul?

Read on to learn what it's all about.

Integral Relationship: Welcome
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The various levels of awareness people have and why we get along

with some people and not with others

How best to communicate with different types of people

Masculine and feminine (vs. male/female) polarities and how these

ignite passion in our love relationships

What holds us back such as our fears and emotional reactions

How to move past personal blocks and to gain the freedom to show up in

our relationships in healthy ways

Levels of spiritual and sexual awareness

Different ways to view balanced/unbalanced and fulfilling love relationships

How to set ourselves up to bring a productive relationship into our lives

Great dating tips

(If you don’t need these, learn them to pass on to others and our youth.)

How to enhance your current relationship,

creating the deeper bonds you’ve always wanted

Different ways we express our life’s purpose and what it looks like

to take ourselves to a higher level

Eye-opening insights into ourselves and others through

the 5 Love Languages and the Enneagram

And the list goes on, all provided to nudge us toward greater possibilities for ourselves


The Integral Relationship message is for anyone wanting to understand themselves,

identify the types of relationships that would serve them,

and connect with people in a more integral way.

If you have questions, I welcome you to contact me.



The Integral Relationship online workshop series will be offered once again on the

Bridges.Academy online platform in 2024.

We are putting together a weekend schedule which will provide

all the learning in a condensed timeframe.

If you would like to know the schedule when it's available and how to sign up,

go here to send a message through this website.

Scroll for more.

Integral Relationship: About



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In an Integral Relationship, we bring the 14 essential elements for the co-creation of a healthy sustainable love relationship into a functional whole. Integral Love Relationships are unique because they build on the insight that adults have the potential for ongoing learning, healing, growing, and awakening, or “inter-becoming,” and to share a purpose that makes the world a better place. You’ll study and practice all of these 14 elements in 26 modules of the training.


Uncover your potentials to (1) co-creating a fulfilling sexual relationship, (2) sharing your deepest purpose with your partner, (3) deeply loving your partner and what is uniquely co-created between the two of you at all levels of your being, and (4) understanding why co-creation and procreation in Integral love relationships matter in the grand scheme of things.

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In the 26 enlightening modules, you will explore topics such as The 4 dimensions of relating, 8 levels of consciousness development, Relationship communication, Biological differences and learned gender roles, How our fear and shame affects our relationships, Feminine-masculine polarities, Spiritual and sexual development, Love languages, Soulmates, The enneagram, Attachment and stress influences, Our unconscious projections, Our shadows and healing, and Co-creating at the levels of the chakras.

Integral Relationship: Services
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Integral Relationship: Testimonials

Mary Gordon's Integral Relationship series will blow your mind!  You will understand yourself on a deeper level, and gain more understanding, clarity, self reflection and self love.  You will understand others and how to relate to them in a way that is empowering for you and how to heal current and past relationship issues.
Many of these classes can be stand alone but they truly all go together.
I wish I would have had this knowledge in the past to have avoided dead end, unfulfilling, and destructive relationships and dating experiences.
Let's get this knowledge out there for a more happy, fulfilling, and peaceful world!

Diana Briscoe

An amazing experience; this course was truly an eye-opener.   I learned and benefited immensely from the fascinating course material.   And I particularly enjoyed that the rhythm and flow of the classes promoted self-reflection and encouraged constructive discussion with other participants, which helped me absorb and apply the material to my own experience.
Mary shared her deep knowledge of the Integral Relationship material with warm professionalism, while developing wonderful synergy with the group.  The powerful examples Mary shared from her personal experience were a home run!
I recommend this course to anyone who wants to make the world a better place, for themselves and for us all.  Thanks for everything!

Patricia Haggard

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The Integral Relationship material is available in a unit of 26 modules.

The series layers understanding with each added module, yet you can join an individual workshop class on a topic you would like to explore.

In addition, Integral Relationship learnings can be explored individually or as a couple.   

I have studied and embraced Martin Ucik's books and material for years.

Now as a facilitator of the Integral Relationship message, I pass on the learning and the

ah-ha moments you are bound to have.

I incorporate Integral Relationship principles into the body of work I do to help clients connect with their heart and move into their highest personal and relationship potentials.


Consultation Session

90 minutes




Consultation Session



Class module review








Learn how you can receive the benefits of Integral Relationship.

Connect with me at 808-419-8882

Or leave a message through this website.

Integral Relationship: About Me


Integrate All the Essential Parts for a Healthy Relationship

Integral Relationship: Welcome
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