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My intuitive abilities work through clairvoyance (see images) and

clairsentience (receive a knowing and feeling). 

I receive information through pictures, a knowing, or a download of information.

I believe information and a 'connection to something more' is always available to us.

Sometimes we don’t know how to make that connection, or in what manner information is trying to come in.

Information does not always come in words. 

Sometimes we need someone to make that connection for us.

I do this in all my work with clients as they look for answers to important questions,

seek personal growth, and pursue an empowered life.

Additionally, being an Integral Relationship coach, I can help provide an understanding of relationship issues with friends, family, and lovers.  These interactions often are quite confusing and filled with pain.

While being a skilled intuitive and a Certified Integral Relationship Professional and Group Facilitator,

I am also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki worker.

The knowledge gained from years of experiences, training, and focus on intuitive connection,

weaves with the information that comes through for clients.

I live on the island of Kauai and work with clients by phone or online.

Call 808-419-8882 for your appointment or send a message through the website.

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