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Broken Relationship - A Valentines Day Message

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

If you find yourself alone on Valentines, or at any point, it's a good time for reflection. Actually, anytime is a good time for reflection.

The Osho quote below can apply to a man or a woman. Have you found yourself in this situation?

I will let the quote speak for itself. I found it quite compelling.

“Man goes from one woman to another, goes on changing. People think he’s a great lover; he is not a lover at all. He is avoiding, he is trying to avoid any deep involvement because with deep involvement problems have to be faced, and much pain has to be gone through. So one simply plays safe; one makes it a point never to go too deeply into somebody.

If you go too deep you may not be able to come back easily. And if you go deeply into somebody, somebody will go deeply into you also; it’s always proportionate. If I go very deep in you the only way is to allow you also to go that deep in me. It is a give and take, it is a sharing. Then one may get entangled too much, and it will be difficult to escape and the pain may be too much. So people learn how to play safe: just let surfaces meet, hit-and-run love affairs. Before you are caught, run... This is what is happening in the modern world. People have become so juvenile, so childish; they are losing all maturity. Maturity comes only when you are ready to face the pain of your being; maturity comes only when you are ready to take the challenge. And there is no greater challenge than love." ~ Osho

Mary Gordon is a clairvoyant and clairsentient intuitive. She provides readings for clients who are wanting clarity, counsel, and help with decisions, or to check in to see if they are on the right track. In addition, Mary is an Integral Relationship facilitator, teaching the Integral Relationship model to help individuals and couples understand their relationship differences and grow themselves as individuals. Visit her at

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