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Have you ever connected with a soul mate?

Have you ever connected with a Soul Mate?

Soul mate. Twin flame. Soul mate from a past life. Karmic soul. Really good friend.

Which one is it?

When I asked the original question, which definition of soul mate did you consider?

Much has been written about this topic, while there is no defined agreement as to what an soul mate actually is.

Usually we think of a soul mate as someone we love deeply. Very deeply. We may love them even when the feeling is not returned. Or we may have that instant ‘love at first sight’ powerful connection and think that kind of feeling can only come from a soul mate connection. Still in another instance, can we have a soul connection with someone, sharing deep caring, conversation, activities, and interests, when there is no romance at all?

There is another way to think about a soul mate that ties in several factors of a relationship, turning that union of two souls into a power to be reckoned with. This is more encompassing that the ‘love’ feeling, but rather it is love and action and the learning that the two souls give to each other.

Martin Ucik, author of two books on Integral Relationship, in his piece on soul mates, takes note from Scott Andrews, listing Andrews’ elements of a soul mate connection. He begins with

“They contribute more to the world as a team than if they were apart.”

You know these couples. They support each other in their endeavors. Without the other they would be less impactful. The two making a difference in the world can be grand, or it can be smaller within the household or community. Either way they could not be as good doing what they do without knowing the other is by their side.

We all want to think we have, or strive to have, a lifetime with our soul mate. However, more than thinking of exclusively the ‘love’ feeling, consider other powerful elements that couples exude who are truly a deep, loving, soul mate partnership on the earth.

The Martin’s Integral Relationship model teaches what makes for a lasting relationship, where the adults continue to grow, learn, heal, and awaken to their potential.

This makes for an interesting soul mate connection. While its beginnings may be that powerful romantic love feeling, the relationship grows into something far, far more.

Mary Gordon is a clairvoyant and clairsentient intuitive. She provides readings for clients who are wanting clarity, counsel, and help with decisions, or to check in to see if they are on the right track. In addition, Mary is a certified and clinical hypnotherapist as well as an Integral Relationship facilitator, teaching the Integral Relationship model to help individuals and couples understand their relationship differences and grow themselves as individuals. Visit her at

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