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Connecting to Something More

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

For anyone having difficulty feeling connected to something More, or for those feeling alone, a tremendously easy option for interaction is to connect with orbs through a camera. There is activity going on beyond our 3D world, and lucky for us, the technology available today allows us to actually see it.

I have taken thousands of pictures of orbs over many years. It started as great entertainment. I’d go out with my inexpensive digital camera hoping to capture the circular form with a thumbprint that is an orb. I’d look for their different colors. While most were white, I was thrilled when I would get pink ones, and green ones, and gold ones, and my favorite, ones that were deep iridescent blue. Sometimes they would be far away in the trees and later on as my picture taking progressed, they would come and dance in my yard and hang out with my flowers.

All was truly Magical.

There was a friendly feel to their visitations. I hoped with anticipation that they would show up, and in turn they replied by giving me a growing depth of photos showing movement, and later on, believe it or not, purpose.

I was able to actually see the “other side.” I was able to actually interact with the “other side.”

This was all done in a safe, comfortable way. It was amazing. Knowing they were showing up for me, for my camera, gave me a sense of connection beyond this Earth -- and quite a bit of joy and fun along the way.

Orbs can be picked up on regular film too, although you have to wait to see the results of your photos. I have 35mm pictures of orbs, yet I’m not patient anymore and now want to use a digital camera. For fun, go back and take a look at old film pictures you may have. You'd be surprised to know how many people do this only to find they had captured orbs all along, but just didn't realize.

There is much more to my orb story. Over the years I have experimented and questioned, examined and explored. I've developed a process that I use for myself personally and for clients. For the first time I’m putting this information out online in a live presentation on the Bridges Academy platform. My desire is for others to take what I've developed and use it for themselves -- or to use this information to spark their imagination to create their own process for connection. There is not one way to make this connection using the camera. There are as many ways as there are people who give it a try. Yet having my information and experiences to reflect upon may make the getting started easier and may open people to more than they would normally think possible.

Connect with Bridges Academy here for more information.

We are truly in a Magical time. There is Magic all around us if we will let it in. Opportunities abound to feel a connection to the Something More, and taking pictures of orbs is a simple yet profound way to gain the feeling of not being alone, of being recognized, and, may I even say, being loved.

Mary Gordon is a clairvoyant and clairsentient intuitive. She provides readings for clients who are wanting clarity, counsel, and help with decisions, or to check in to see if they are on the right track. Visit her at

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