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Magic and Hope

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Magic and Hope. Two very important words. So important in fact that I chose them as the name of my website.

Let’s take a look at one of those – the very important concept of Magic.

When my children reached that certain age, they asked me if there really was a Santa Claus. I had zero hesitation. My answer was immediate and deeply felt. “YES!” I added, “There IS a Santa Claus, because there is Magic in the world.”

I’m not certain exactly how my children took that answer, but I do remember there were no further questions, not even a comment or a look of disbelief. And I hope in their young minds and with their young understanding, they took away a feeling of Magic – the Magic of possibility.

As I’ve gotten older and have continued to investigate a number of subjects in the realms of science and spirituality, that feeling of Magic is ever so much stronger, broader, and has become a mainstay in my earthly diet.

Magic comes in many forms. Let’s look at a couple.


What may seem like a miracle (Magical) healing, may simply be a person taking control over their physical body and health. We are not solid. We are energy. For example, when thinking of health, I’m often reminded of a description of the human eye dissected. We first see the cornea, the bulging clear surface in front of the eye. We then have the pigmented iris surrounding the dilating pupil. Behind that is the lens. And the retina. And cones and rods. All are made up of cells, which have membranes and a dozen other main parts. Drilling down further, all are made up of atoms, which are made up of protons, electrons and neutrons which are made up of leptons, up quarks, and down quarks. All ultimately are made up of squiggles of energy. It’s just energy showing itself as an eye. The eye is not solid.

Energy can be manipulated, massaged, changed. We have the power to manifest those changes. Look up the Double-slit Experiment in which a person’s thought directs moving matter to be either a wave or a particle. Ultimately, in that experiment, the participant determines the outcome. The same goes for the world outside of that experiment. We direct the energy. Since we can change matter to a wave or particle, we can change illness to health.


*You think of your friend Ann, and later that afternoon, she calls you on the phone.

*Your coffee pot just broke and a neighbor friend is clearing out her kitchen and gives you her extra one.

*You miss the 7PM movie at the theatre, and decide to stay for the 9PM showing, where you meet your future spouse.

Coincidences abound! They are majorly Magical. They are fun. They are everywhere.

As one directs their attention to looking for Magical coincidences, more and more of them will appear. Well actually, more won’t appear because coincidences are already out there. But you now will see them. The more you see them, the better tuned in you will be for seeing more.

If we think we live in a non-Magical world, we simply are not looking for the Magic. Yes, we are often wrapped up in our lives, our dilemmas, and the strains of life. Yet Magic is still everywhere. Literally, everywhere. Everywhere, all of the time. It doesn't go away. If we take a breath, stop dwelling on the minutia of our daily lives, look for the Wonderful, expect the Magic to come in, it will do just that. It’s not that Magic never finds us. It’s always there. We put ourselves in a position to miss it as it travels by us constantly all day long.

Stop and notice. Remind yourself to be observant. Expect it. Sometimes Magic is ever so small, yet it still brings an ‘Ah-ha’ moment and a smile of recognition. Tapping into the Magic of little happenings like coincidences, or a big Magic of health, connects us to the swirling of energy that happens on this planet. It’s there. It’s always there. The possibility of Magic is at every turn, with every encounter, within every event.

To children, Santa is more than presents. Santa is mystery. Santa is the icy north pole, and his reindeer, and his sleigh flying through the night to bring hope and Magic to all. We all know that feeling of Christmas, whether it’s the anticipation of Santa to a child, or the warm emotions adults get at the holidays. We don’t have to wait until Christmas to feel such lovely things. The feelings of connectedness and Magic are around us all the time. It is our job and joy to notice them.

And yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus.

Mary Gordon is a clairvoyant and clairsentient intuitive. She provides readings for clients who are wanting clarity, counsel, and help with decisions, or to check in to see if they are on the right track. Visit her at

Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash

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