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The Power of the Deadline

Updated: Mar 11

Years ago I heard a saying that has stayed with me as an active part of my life:

“A Goal is a Dream With A Deadline.”

Ahhh, how true! The words seem straight-forward, yet let’s dissect this a bit.

Dreaming is vitally important. However, we are not looking at the dreams we have when we are asleep. Rather dreaming in this case relates to our desires. Our hopes. Our dreams for our lives. It is our dreams, hopes and desires that move us forward. They make life interesting. They are the start of us creating our life. They are the start of what we bring into our world. Dreams give us belief in our future, and in ourselves. How would we know what we want to go after in life if we didn’t dream it and want it first? Our dreams take us to new places and worlds. We can have a broad dream of wanting to go on vacation, for example. Or we can dream up a specific trip to Hawaii to sit on Waikiki Beach and drink a pink drink with a little paper umbrella in it. Dreams can be big or small. No matter, they are the beginnings of our hearts blossoming and the birth of our true selves.

We desire or dream in different ways. We might dream in literal daydreams. Those are times when we zone out and get lost in thought. The world around us shuts down. We see and hear nothing. We are only caught up in our fantasy, concocting all the details of a luscious experience. We let fun take over our thoughts. (Aren’t daydreams fun? How many of us take time for and put an emphasis on our daydreaming?). Or we might have a desire pop up when we see something new and want some of it for ourselves. We might have wishes for our children or our family as a result of unfortunate situations that we want to change.

Dreaming can be quick or long, it doesn’t matter. No matter the type, dreaming is not wasted time. It is the beginning of our desires coming into reality. Again, how would we know what we want if we didn’t desire it first?

I love to hear friends, family and clients talk about their dreams and their hopes. I see their faces light up when they talk. Their energy changes. They become happy. They mentally craft their future lives and see possibility ahead for themselves.

I also see people become frustrated. The dreams and hopes they have for themselves become a sad tale. These people live with only hope. They live with only wishes. They wish and hope. Yet nothing happens. Excuses are tossed out. Blame is often involved. Their dreams never get off the ground.

This is a complicated issue. Many reasons delay or stop people from getting what they desire. Nothing is always simple. However, how many times have we let our dreams slide because we didn’t get off our bums and make it happen?

“A Goal is a Dream With a Deadline.” Literally, a Deadline.

Do you want to move to a new apartment? Set a deadline of six months out.

Do you want that vacation? Set a date for putting together the funds.

Do you want to improve your relationship with your partner? Set a deadline to have those conversations.

Set a Deadline.

Stop talking about it. Stop thinking about it. Stop thinking that things need to change. Stop mulling over what you need to do. Stop coming up with a million ways to have your dream come to life. Stop wondering when it will happen. Stop thinking about IF what you want will EVER happen.

Set a Deadline.

Set a deadline to have it accomplished.

Set - the - Deadline!

I’m addressing here anything you want to accomplish. A deadline can be used to get over procrastination about cleaning your house. Or getting out of bed in the morning. Yet more importantly, a deadline is really good for the BIG things. The things that make for a million voices in your head pulling you this way and that, while you try to figure out what you want or how to get it. Setting a deadline is very good for desires that seem insurmountable.

Once the deadline is set, and you tend to focus on getting what you want, watch what happens. Opportunities come into view (because you’re now looking for them instead of just wishing something will happen.) Concerns get answered.

It is your focused energy, your focused intent, that starts things rolling. Your dream can't get rolling until you get rolling. Setting a deadline will make you feel like an arrow heading straight for the bullseye. You will start to come up with ways to handle roadblocks. Your creativity will grow. (This may be the best part. When you're focused, it's amazing how issues get figured out.)

Using the “A Goal is a Dream With A Deadline” method of initiating change is easier to use if you realize that dreaming is just dreaming. Wishing is just wishing. Nice, but so what? They are pleasant ideas, yet just wanting them won’t get you anywhere. There’s a big difference between a goal with a deadline and just wishing your life away.

A dream is a dream, but a goal with a deadline…… what a difference!

“A Goal is a Dream With A Deadline” made such an impact on me. It taught me the difference between vague (and whiney) hopes and making my life more concrete. It made me realize that I can impact my destiny. It made me understand that I didn’t want to just dream endlessly and that I was in charge (and responsible) for getting things done. It literally turned dreams into focused goals. Once I set that deadline in my head, I KNEW it was going to happen, because, well, it was just going to! It made me know I certainly did not want to be a dreamer forever.

“A Goal is a Dream With A Deadline” is a simple concept. It is a method to bring wonderful desires into reality. It is simple, yet profound. It is profound to know the difference between thinking, and thinking, and thinking about a desire vs. saying, “I’m going to have this… period!” Setting a date is a simple idea yet it can have a huge impact because once you set a timeframe for completion, and are serious about it, there is nothing that will stop you and the Universe from making it happen.

Don’t dream life away.

Turn your dreams into goals.

Goals with deadlines.

Mary Gordon is a clairvoyant and clairsentient intuitive. She provides readings for clients who are wanting clarity, counsel, and help with decisions, or to check in to see if they are on the right track. Visit her at

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