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Mary truly has a gift. Her reading far exceeded anything I could have imagined. She was somehow able to reach deep inside my heart and pull out things I was feeling, but had yet to fully acknowledge. She gently brought things to light that I needed to see and hear so that I might move forward in my life in a healing and positive manner, rather than remain stuck in those painful places. I'm convinced that she is somehow connected and guided in what shows up and how it's interpreted.

R.W. - Atlanta, GA

Mary has a rare gift as a medium. The reading I was given was very accurate and helped me make some decisions I was unsure about. It was detailed and concise which I liked, as some readings can be vague and ambiguous. I can thoroughly recommend her.

Simon - Australia

Mary has a transformational gift that comes forth in her readings. It's as if she's reading a road map, providing direction for your life. When I received my reading I was in a huge life transition. Mary pulled some unique information from our reading that followed some information that had come to me through my own guidance and validated what I had intuitively received. So, it was very reassuring but also direct in informing me what I needed to know and the direction I needed to go. I would recommend Mary for her insight, care, spiritual intelligence and expertise not only as a reader but a transformational facilitator extrordinaire!

Holly S Farrow, Personal & Biz Coach, Speaker, Author - Maui, HI

Mary read for me --over the phone and hundreds of miles away! Spirit was active and I could feel the energy through our communication. The reading was extremely personal, direct and sincere. Mary's demeanor is peaceful and quiet, yet the message (Spirit talking) quite forthright and flowing. The reading provided guidance and support and allowed the committees within my head to relax so that my inner voice could rise again and allow me to move forward with certainty and confidence.


Mary, it has been your clear belief in me that has helped make much of this possible. Thanks for your vision.

Alan H.

Thank you for the excellent reading. Everything resonated with me and gave me confidence to continue to follow my intuition.

Nelson Barry, San Francisco

I was delighted with the accuracy of both of my recent readings with Mary Gordon. In addition to receiving a reading I could relate to, I appreciated the time Mary spent with me in 'long-distance contemplation' prior to each session, as it made these readings very personal to me, giving me a strong sense of being connected fully to the process - despite that I was living many thousands of kilometers away in another country! Thank you Mary for giving me some much needed clarification about my life, what I might expect, where I was heading, and how I might go about getting there. I am still amazed by the truth that came through - nothing cryptic - which meant I understood fully what it all meant thanks to your clear and descriptive explanations.

Mal Ryan, Australia 2013

Mary is everything one could hope for in a hypnotherapist and spiritual counselor: confident and firm yet gentle, open-minded and grounded, wise, insightful and supportive. She was a loving guide through the realms of my unconscious and I felt a deeper connection to my higher self. I would recommend Mary to anyone, but especially to those who are fist-timers or apprehensive. When you find someone like this who inspires you to relax and trust, you can reach even deeper levels of hypnosis. I am a very content client.

Catherine Z.

Thank you, Mary. I always feel charged and better every time I meet with you. Thank you for being my guide.

Chookie K.

My hypnotherapy session with Mary was incredibly powerful. I have been on a spiritual journey for a very long time and, with Mary's help, I was able to connect with my inner spirit guides. Mary's gentle spirit and keen intuition led me down a path where her words and my experience were happening simultaneously. Several times I would see something just as Mary would express it in words. I came away from this session with some concrete answers that have been life altering. Thank you, Mary, for being such a huge part of my spiritual journey!

Sara M., Sacramento

Mary Gordon is a very gifted intuitive. She picked up on things that she never would have known otherwise than her connection to the spirit world. Mary has an amazing energy, and in that space I felt very warm, inviting and safe throughout the reading. Mary is very present in her readings, and goes with an open mind and heart, passionate to share whatever she has discovered. She was always open to answering follow up questions I had about the reading after it was done, which I very much appreciated. I was very impressed with my reading. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in a great experience, and will definitely call upon her again. Thanks Mary!

Deborah Corrente, Florida

Mary Gordon helped me when I accepted less from a primary relationship in my life. She knew my soul and refused to let me accept less for myself. She continued to hold up the picture of who I was even when I couldn't see it, until I could. Through her continued picture of me, in her great patience, one day it's like, I remembered - "Oh yes- that is who I am." I know to this day, God rejoiced in that. I was able to move through it and keep doing my healing work, not letting that personal thing interfere. And then having moved through it, I no longer had to keep remembering who I was to keep going. I just knew.

T.K., Business Owner, New Mexico

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