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My website is Magic and Hope, and speaking of Magic... this is a very Magical subject!

Over many years, I have taken pictures of energy forms that the camera can see while our eyes cannot.

Many people have captured such energies in their photos but didn't know what they were.

You may be one of these people.

Scroll through the pictures.

They show some of the many forms of energy I have picked up with my camera.

Yet beyond taking pictures, I have had many experiences in which these

energies have connected back with me.

It's pretty remarkable.

I love to share this knowledge and guide others in how they can make these connections themselves.

I can assist you in

Understanding how to take such pictures 

And, more importantly, making a personal connection to the "unseen."

In addition, beyond taking pictures of orbs, there are other easy, tangible ways to feel

connected without a camera - ways you can actually see.

Intent and a loving heart are key.

No matter which way, it is fun, and it is real.

I help clients with setting the intent and a loving heart so that this type of

Magical communication can be a part of their world.

And it's not only Magic that happens.  Hope becomes evident as well.

By the way, as you take a look at the images, I realize you will see more than orbs.

I can share what I believe happened in those pictures.  

And the same might happen for you.

60 minutes


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